Diabetes analysis engine

Revolutionizing Diabetes Management through Advanced Data Analysis


Introduction: Our application empowers healthcare professionals to revolutionize diabetes management through advanced data analysis and personalized recommendations. With Ai CGM Exports Pdf Analysis, users can upload diabetes data in PDF or JSON format and receive comprehensive insights and recommendations.

Key Features

Visualize and analyze diabetes data

Generate personalized recommendations

Utilize cutting-edge AI technology for advanced analysis

Integrate with a specialized diabetes database for big data analytics


  • The intuitive user interface allows healthcare professionals to effortlessly input personal details and upload diabetes data. Supported file types include PDF and JSON, accommodating a wide array of data sources such as blood glucose levels, insulin doses, and timestamps.
  • Analysis and Recommendations: Data is sent to a custom AI model for in-depth analysis, generating personalized recommendations displayed under the ‘Analysis and Recommendations’ section.
  • Accurate Input: Ensure data accuracy and well-structured files for the best analysis.
  • Internet Connection: An active internet connection is needed for external libraries and APIs.
  • Processing Time: Short wait times expected, especially for longer PDFs.
  • Recommendations: Supplementary advice based on analysis and personal details, not a replacement for professional medical guidance.

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